Maren Altman

01 — About the Client

Maren Altman made headlines in 2020 for her shockingly accurate astrological predictions of the presidential elections, and since has risen in stardom for her talent of using her astrological savvy to make a small fortune in cryptocurrency.

With more than 1.4M followers on TikTok alone, Maren isn't lacking in follower awareness.

02 — Envision the Concept

I was contacted by a producer in Los Angeles who I had worked with in the past, saying she needed help on a music video debut for the internet star.

The concept was this: to toe the line between pop music, and grudge-rock to tell a somewhat taboo story: sexual misconduct within the church.

If we were going to do this right, it needed to do justice to the narrative, while playing into the macabre sensibilities of our star.

03 — Sign Autographs in Hell

We had a very short window to turn this video around, but even before the Martini Shot, we knew that this was going to make waves in the music scene.

Producing (or in this case, being a Production Coordinator) is always a fun, yet stressful job. The talent could be stunning and the shots artistic, but you'll never know how it will go until the viewers can get eyes on the end product.

"Autographs In Hell" officially hit YouTube on June 14th, 2023, and within a week had almost 100k views.

Maren is planning to film and release a series of music videos, all with a similar feel. I have no doubt that each of her singles will perform well... she certainly isn't lacking a vying audience.