Kalamazoo Candle Co.

01 — About the Client

Michigan-based Kalamazoo Candle Company makes some of the best and cleanest candles you could ever burn in your space.

Although the incredible product and commitment to sustainability should speak for themselves, their overall brand awareness was not where it needed to be.

02 — Sniff Out the Issues

Although the events of 2020 and the lockdown brought upticks in e-commerce success, their sales began to dwindle once shelter-in-place restrictions were lifted.

Not only did we want to get their online sales lifted, but we aimed to drive traffic back to their brick-and-mortar locations across the west side of Michigan.

03 — Make A Sent-Sational Impact

Through SEO enhancements (like blogs), paid search campaigns, and opt-in marketing efforts (SMS & newsletters) we witnessed both in-person and web traffic increase substantially.

We wanted to ensure that each of our tactics directly spoke to a specific audience's needs by utilizing Kalamazoo Candle's exceptional reputation and mission statement.

Engaging imagery helped to hook the consumer, on-brand messaging enticed them to click and buy, and the exceptional, simplistic elegance of the product had one-time buyers coming back for more.

In our first two months, we boosted brand awareness, increased web traffic, and encouraged record-breaking sales.

Website traffic increased by more than 61% in the final half of 2021. We exceeded Kalamazoo Candle Company’s e-commerce goals by maintaining a 3:1 ROAS (Google Industry average being 2:1) and increasing online revenue by 103%.


increase in POS in-store revenue


increase online revenue


consistent return on ad spend (ROAS)


increase of website traffic