Dave's Sweet Tooth

01 — About the Client

Dave's Sweet Tooth is a Michigan-made brand dedicated to quality, integrity, and creating a delicious consumer experience.

This approach made them a runaway success... locally. The dream was to become national, so that is what we aimed for.

02 — Find the Weak Links

Our initial plan was to increase awareness of Dave's Sweet Tooth products on the shelves of many brick-and-mortar locations (Kroger, Meijer, et al) but fate had other plans in mind...

The COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 forced us to redirect our attention to other, more shelter-in-place-friendly forms of shopping. Luckily, I excel when challenged.

03 — Hone In On the Sweet Spot

We shifted our strategy to be more digitally centric, with a heavy-hitting campaign of paid social & search ads, backed by some mouthwatering organic social content.

Alongside these avenues, we honed in on opt-in marketing options (newsletters & SMS) to encourage consumers to head to the website to stock up on the ultimate sweet comfort snack.

Online sales continued to soar well after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

In the two-year+ partnership with Dave’s Sweet Tooth, the results were incredibly sweet.

Website traffic and sales have continued to rise steadily, which has opened up new doors (and sales avenues) for Dave's Sweet Tooth.


increase in Shopify sessions


increase in web traffic


increase in online orders


increase in advertising ROI