Ben Wallace: Undrafted

01 — About the Client

Knowing this client was two-fold: Not only did we need to delve into the mind of NBD legend Ben Wallace, but we needed to merge his persona with RAIR Cannabis' commitment to quality.

02 — Reimagine a Legend

We needed to create an all-new cannabis brand inspired by Ben Wallace. Brand name, logo, packaging, product names... this would require removing all the stops, and we only had 3 months to do it all.

However, we are nothing if not resourceful, so the challenge was met with rolled-up sleeves and sleepless nights until it was done.

03 — Shoot Our Shot

Undrafted was born and inspired not only his own line of cannabis products, but a potential nonprofit that could fuse everything Ben Wallace is passionate about: sports, underprivileged groups, and mental health.

The Undrafted Project is still in the works, but its creation was my personal brainchild, and I could not be more proud of it.

The launch of Undrafted was pivotal in advancing RAIR Cannabis' overall reach and awareness.

Undrafted became one of the biggest drivers for new businesses in RAIR locations across the state and played a key role in opening up wholesaling for the brand as well as delivery options within Detroit, MI.