Adam Scherr

01 — About the Client

When we were approached by THE Adam Scherr, we knew he was someone who had a monstrous appetite for life.

In his successful career, he came to realize that his physical health was important, whereas mental health was not equally cared for, discussed, or emphasized.

That's when Control Your Nutrition was born.

02 — Build A Strong Foundation

We were tasked with creating a health and lifestyle brand true to form.

We began our research and what it means or looks like to be strong, well-rounded, and down to earth. We drew from Greek mythology, the elements, rocks, and the earth itself to create a brand that could communicate strength as well as stability.

03 — Birth a Juggernaut

Diving into our packaging concepts, we wanted a brand that felt grounded, approachable, and larger than life, just like its impressive founder.

From loud, unapologetic colors to a more earthy feel, each style brings about a different experience with a common goal – to live well.